Barking Squirrel Lager

Hop City Brewing Company is a smaller arm of Moosehead Breweries. So far it’s been hard for me to track down some of their beers (as of this writing they’re making four) but I have had the pleasure to try Mr. Huff’s Persuasion Pils.

Barking Squirrel is an interesting beer. It’s hoppy, but not as hoppy as Hopping Mad or anywhere close to Arrogant Bastard. It may even be less hoppy than Tankhouse, but that’s the area I’d put it. It’s just far enough out there to not be your typical mass market clear golden lager, without being specialty, extreme or inaccessible.

As for the name, in their own words:

When your brewmaster comes up with a recipe as good as this one, you let him name the beer whatever he wants.

If you can find this on tap, and you’re typically a drinker of lighter coloured beers, do not ignore it. It’s a solid, well rounded brew that I would really like to see in more bars. Ignore the “find our beer” app on Hop City’s website – it doesn’t list pubs or bars that currently have their beers on tap.